Hi all,

I have a Proliant server running SBS setup from factory with BE9.1 SP1

I have run a IDR Wizard setup, and tried:

* Booting from Tape - doesnt boot.
* Booting from CD - boots, but fails with error "Cant format C."

Ive been unable to find any information on how to confirm that the TAPE,
and not the Tape Drive is bootable. I cant test restore from tape as a
result. The tape drive is an HP DAT72, and is supported according to the
OBDR information on HP's site, as well as by Veritas.

The CD method works up till it wants to format. I tried to tell it to
let me format the system myself, but it still failed with the same error.

At this point, I simply cannot get IDR working. And would love some

Can anyone help out?