Using IDR via a CD (or floppy) to restore a test Win2K system all goes well
now through the restore step; the 1.8gb of data is supposedly restored to
the system. The reboot that would take me into the newly restored system
ends up being the mid-install Win2K system that launched the BEDwiz. Essentially
it seems the data that came streaming back to the BEDwiz to go onto the local
disk just went nowhere.

The environment is this: TEST is backed up via Remote Agent to the BUEXEC
onto tape. The hotswap drive of TEST is pulled, a blank is inserted and
the restore is started from the IDR CD. The DR file is pulled from a freshly
minted floppy refreshed at the BUEXEC. The preTEST box initiates the restore,
it completes and TEST is left in essentially the same state the IDR CD put
it except some type of write has occurred since an error occurs before the
BEDWIZ can rerun. The BUEXEC logs indicate 100% completion. This has been
tested multiple times each with Automatic and Assisted modes all reaching
the same conclusion.

I only got this far by applying every possible SP and hotmfix available from
Veritas so it's fully updated.

Any ideas?