My client's harddrive crashed, so I replaced their harddrive and reload
sbs2000 on and the only data I want to retrieve from the backup tape is the
exchange database. I tried to do a restore, but it's not successful. I
attached error in the log file at the end of this email.

I found an article from the knowledge base:

How to perform a local recovery of a Microsoft Windows 2000 Small Business
TechNote ID: 243037

I am wondering if we don't want to restore the whole SBS, can we just
perform the steps in
"IV. Restoring Exchange 2000 Databases" to restore the exchange portion
only? Or what steps I should be taking to restore the Exchange database

I actually attempted to do the full recovery, but I got a blue screen error
at the next reboot after I performed the step of restoring just the system
states. At that time, I only loaded the windows 2000 and sbs2000 portion
without exchange nor any other components and then do the windows 2000 sp3
update which is the same as the pre-disaster stage of the server. The error
is as follow.

0x0000007B (0xF401F84C, 0XC000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

--------------error in log of backup Exec for Exchange-------------------

Access denied to database Mailbox Store
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Error writing file data.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
An error occurred restoring the database.
Please use the Event Viewer to examine the event log or view the database
log file for details.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Error writing file data.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
The media operation was terminated by the user.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^