We use an L11000 Robotic Tape Library SCSI connected to an E10K. We will
be conducting a "Disaster Recovery Test", but will only have a StorageTek
9710 Silo Tape Library which will be FIBER connected. We use Netbackup 3.4
and couldn't perform the last test properly and in a timely manner because
of the configuration problems we did not expect to have working with the
StorageTek 9710 Silo (FIBER) Tape Library. Please, does anybody have any
idea on how we can configure the E10K (Solaris 8) and Netbackup to recognize
the StorageTek Tape Library and all the drives to perform our test??????
Please include all necessary patches for Solaris and Netbackup, configuration
documents, links, or sources that may assist us. Your help is greatly appreciated
in advance.