I'm trying to use IDR on SAN Media Server.

There is one difficulty:
Backup has been done by SAN1 (SAN Media Server)
and now SAN1 is unavailable due to disaster.
So I start IDR wizard on SAN1 and want it to
restore through LAN using M (Master NetBackup Server).

I want the restore process as simple as possible,
so I try to use standard NetBackup feature
"Failover Restore Server" available on
Hosts->Master Server->Restore tab.

Server: SAN1 Failover restore server: M

But as far as I can see from logs (level 5) NetBackup
just ignores my attempts. IDR restore hangs at
"Media XXX required" (waited 30 minutes to make sure).
I tried to specify it also on
Hosts->Media Servers->SAN1->Restore tab, plus several
other combinations.
Of course I restarted services on M each time.

I can achieve a restore ONLY by doing "Media host override"
on Hosts->Master Server->General tab.
But it's just too complicated to switch it for each
SAN1, SAN2, SAN3... at disaster recovery time.

Any comments?

NetBackup 4.5 MP3
Windows 2000 Server
STK L80 Lib + IBM LTO drives + Crossroads bridge

Jakub Bielecki

Comtegra Sp. z o.o. http://www.comtegra.pl
mobile: +48 691 679 351