I have problems regarding BENT 8.6 b3878, NT4.0 SP6, SQL Server 2000 using
the IDR option. First: The documentations are contradicting. For IDR I shall
do a full backup, the SQL-Agent doc asks me not to backup the databases.

Problem: I did a full backup with OFO, additional I backuped the Databases
using the SQL-Agent. The SQL-Server itself resists on C:, the databases on
D:. I created the IDR disks. I replaced the harddisk with a RAID5. I
restored the system with the IDR-disks, then the databases using the agent.
I tried some other sequences but: The SQL-Server didn't ever start again. I
had to reinstall SQL and import the databases.

Since the customer is very interested using IDR but want's to be sure that
it really works (otherwise there is no need for the expensive SQL-Agent),
please help me with a step by step doc. I'm not a SQL-expert, so I'm not
sure what to exclude and/or include in the SQL path doing the full backup
for IDR.
Anybody who have expierience performing an IDR-backup on a SQL-Server? I've
heard of several problems with the SQL-Agent. Any other idea how to handle
the worst case and minimize down times?

Frank Hartmann