Greetings All,

I am using BE 8.6. I have created jobs to backup MSSQL 7 & MSSQL 2000
databases. I am taking the complete backup of the MSSQL Server.

The settings for the backup job for MSSQL 7 is:

General Tab:-
Backup Method : FULL - Back Up Files - Reset Archive Bit

Advanced Tab :-
Nothing ticked (no verify, no checksum, no open file, no virus scan,
Compression : Hardware or none

Windows 2000 :-
Ticked : Backup....junction

Selections :-
Ticked : Remote...->MS Win Network->MyGroup->MyServer->MS SQL Server
(All database names have ticks but no Filegroups)

SQL :-
Backup Method : DATABASE - Back Up Entire Database
Consistency before : None
Consistency after : None

Exchange/Domino/Netware :-
All disabled.

The backup job is scheduled for Daily. Now the backup is going on very fine
without a hitch. But when I tried to restore the same to a fresh
installation of MSSQL 7, it fails.

The settings for the restore job for MSSQL 7 is:

General Tab:-
Ticked : Restore Security & Preserve Tree

Advanced Tab :-
Selected : Restore over existing
Ticked : Restore corrupt files

Windows 2000 :-
Nothing Ticked
Selected : Restore junction point.....

Selections :-
Ticked : All volumes->MyServer->MS SQL Server

Redirection :-
Ticked : Redirect SQL server sets
Restore to Server : NewServer
Restore to named instance :

SQL :-
Recovery Method : Recover Database
Ticked : Replace databases
Consistency after : None
Default drive : c:
Ticked : Restore all database files to default drive
Rest nothing Ticked

Exchange/Domino/Netware :-
All disabled.

Errors/problems reported :
1. An error occurred on a query to database xxxxxx.
2. Master didn't get restored
3. Some databases restored but in "Suspect" state

Problem is that its too confusing. I have studied in manuals and in FAQs and
tried out a lot...just to make it more confusing.

Even if I use MSSQL backup feature and then backup those ".bak" files, it
backs them up, but when we restore, the process fails and that file restored
is of no use.

So I would appreciate if someone (I hope that there will be lots of them)
who is successfully backing up & restoring up the MSSQL 7/2000 databases and
had done complete disaster recovery too, to please guide me and if possible
give a single sure-shot solution (detailed one will be much better) that how
should I go about this.

Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.


Arminder Singh