Dear All,

Has anyone setup per job email setting in BE 8.6 without MS Exchange? We
don't have MS Exch but instead want to use SMTP of Linux box.

Now I am been able to get emails everytime job completes using SMTP in Job
Notifications. This is working fine.

Problem is only when we want to set notification with job log for each job
in schedule setup. We need to send notification with log to different people
depending upon the job. There it asks for the Email profile. I have created
a mail profile for internet and using that I wanted to get per-job email.
But the problem is that we don't get any mails as such but the mails are
getting accumulated in the Outbox. We always need to open the Outlook and
then only it sends the mails.

Now we can't keep the Outlook open because firstly the backup server is
administered only through Terminal Services Client and keeping a session in
disconnected state will be not the right thing. Also when the Outlook is
working the mails are not generated at all. So the reason we can't keep it
opened too.

I would be very thankful if anyone can help me out to solve this problem.


Arminder Singh
Sr. Exec. System Administrator
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