text below is quite long and might look quite involved but a lot of the
detail presented is for completeness and isn't essential to describe the

I'm using Backup Exec v8.5 build 3372 on a Win2kServer (the only server in a
very small network and, of course, also the domain controller). The
Win2kServer has had SP2 installed and has been working fine for some time
before the disaster. All backups seem to have completed normally and
included the whole machine, including system state. Backup Exec is running
on the local (and only) server.

I'm attempting a Win2k Server disaster recovery (using recent full backups,
IDR and an IDR bootable CD). ***Everything proceeds expected until Disaster
Recovery attempts to start restoring system state when the error "Unable to
attach to target device" is displayed***. The machine had win2kSP2
some time ago (before the backups that I'm trying to restore were taken).
All drives appear to get restored OK with the exception of system state.
Also IDR doesn't seem to behave as if it is really doing a disaster recovery
(it doesn't attempt to restore active directory etc etc) - I'm sure this is
because of the failure to attach to during system state restore.

If extra information helps, the rough sequence of events is:

- Machine boots from IDR CD and starts the usual skeleton installation of
Win2k server. A partition is created during this phase on which Win2K is
then installed.
- Disaster recovery starts and runs Disk Management to allow disks to be set
up as before (this is normal)
- Disaster Recovery then proceeds to find my DR file, identifies the tape
media required for restore, finds the tape drive with the correct media in
it and then starts restoring volumes
- The restore sequence is , , , .
and are restored OK ( is the system volume and
the registry, WMI and remote storage databases are also restored OK) but as
soon as Disaster Recovery tries to start restoring the above
error message is displayed and recovery moves on to restore .

Does anyone know how to fix this please? As you might guess, this is a bad
time to be having trouble with your backup software!

Many thanks - PC.