I've read almost all comment and found that NO one at veritas can support
this product. It apprear clearly that support ISN'T one aspect of this
company. I have a problem I CANT find anything about,... One thing I cant
install REMOTELY ANYTHING on most PC. I have A proliant 1600 with scsi raid
5 and 2 DDS2 tapes in there. I was able to install on 1 PC remotely with OFO
and IDR. ALL THE OTHER ONE.. 2 Winnt 4.4 SP6 Server and 1 WINNT WS4 SP6 are
giving me errors when trying to remote install (Kernell32.dll cant find
procedure ...16 whatever) I've been FINALY able to get it done by MANUALLY
install those component. But then when I try to see if IDR works at the
begenning of the backup it sais failed to locate or find disaster recoevry
****.. And wont update my disk... So this is really a mess this company is
sure to be able to recover and it seems to me this is REALLY far from their
concern. AT least if they could have support on a decent way. I had
SHAREWARE with a LOT BETTER support site that this one. I was really loving
backup EXEC until this crap. I can tell you FROM NOW on we will be USING ARC
Server and **** to Veritas peace of garbage.