Veritas Single Server v8.0 rev 3315 with IDR.

We have a WinNT4/SP6a server with all the post SP6a hotfixes installed
and the configuration locked down following Microsoft and other security

Now we can't create boot disks for IDR (or CD image) on the local

Trawling though the various error messages that I can provoke, I have
established that the IDR boot media creation tries to use the c$
"administrative" share (\\server\c$) to access the C: drive to get some
WinNT files out. The administrative shares are amongst the first things
to go on a secure server. Is there any way I can tell it to use the
local volume rather than a network share? Otherwise I have to enable
these shares to update IDR then disable them again.

I have also established that it tries to access the local registry by
accessing it over the network. Again, remote registry access is an easy
route into a WinNT system and has been, erm, constrained. Anyone know
exactly what access IDR needs to do its job?

For anyone else wanting to secure their server, I suggest that they
create boot and IRD disks before applying lockdown procedures. You may
never be able to update the IRD floppy ...

Andy Webber