Hi BENT and IDR experts !

I'm evaluating BENT and IDR for my home office with one WinNT Server (now
4.0/SP5 later Win2000) and 4 workstations (1 notebook W2K, 2 workstations
WinNT 4.0, 1 Win95).

Because I will reconfigure one of the WinNT 4.0 workstation I now have the
opportunity to test any worst case scenario.

Am I right that:
- IDR only works perfect when the tape device is attached to the workstation
that must be recovered? This is normally not the case, so how do I recover
a remote workstation? Provided that I created bootable media (either floppies
or CD-ROM) will the system boot WinNT up to a point where I can restore from
the BENT-server (where the tape drive is) without installing any additional
software (i.e. network drivers) on the machine to be recovered? The documentation
is not very clear about that (or my english is not sufficient...).

- IDR is not designed to protect Win9x machines.
To recover a Win9x machine, I have to install Win9x in WIN.TMP directory,
install additional software (NIC drivers, BE Win9x agent) so that BENT-server
can restore to the Win9x machine. Then restore latest backup. Reconfigure
the machine to start Win9x from old WIN-directory instead on WIN.TMP directory.
I think I have to do this because the BENT server is not able to replace
files in use (like kernel.exe etc.)

- Problem with IDR bootable CD-ROM with WinNT
I'm not able to boot my WinNT 4.0 workstation with a CD-ROM. I run through
the neccessary steps with the IDR-wizzard. I burnt a CD-ROM using the created
ISO image. When trying to boot the WinNT workstation from this CD-ROM, the
initial IDR boot screen shows up, but then the machine hangs and displays
a message that NTLDR could not be found. The first time I thought that I
made an error creating the bootable CD-ROM so I created another one, but
the problem is still the same. The file NTLDR can be found on the disk's
I386 directory.

I did the test with BENT 8.0. I contacted someone from VERITAS and they promised
me to send me the new demo for 8.5. In the meantime I would be happy to get
any comments from the newsgroup.

(when posting any replies, please email, too)