I have a server I ran the IDR wizard on and would like to be able to restore
via these bootable disks to another box.

Both servers are the same exact hardware except for server 2 having a RAID
controller w/ RAID level 5 on the disks.

Server 1 Windows 2000
Has no RAID Controller
One Hard Disk w/ two partions
C: and D:

Server 2 No operating system (I did format two NTFS5 partions)
Raid Controller
Raid Array w/ two partions
C: and D:

I would like to run a test for disaster recovering.

Scenerio: Server 1 has a fatel Hardware Error and I need to bring the whole
OS, files, and configuration up to server 2.

I would like to use the IDR boot disks to restore server 1 onto server 2's
hardware and write a disaster recovery plan.