I've just purchased IDR and will install it on an NT4/SP6a SBS4.5
installation, BENT 7.3 multi-server w/exchange agent. No "how-to" docs
came with the IDR package. I checked the Veritas Knowledge Base and see
there are some gotchas involved with IDR. I'm travelling, so I don't
have access to my BENT manual. Is there IDR documentation there?
Otherwise I have no clue how to use this. What's a good source of IDR
lore? Anybody with experience using IDR on SBS4.5? I have SCSI
controllers whose drivers are not present on the NT boot CDs, so I have
to F6/interrupt the install process to load them. Any tips on this. I
see I also have to rename the WINNT.SIF file to WINNT.OLD for an SBS
install. Anything else I need to know BEFORE I have to actually use IDR?

As a side note to Veritas--the Knowledge Base articles are useful, but I
wonder how many people will be able to access them when their systems
have crashed. If you can't restore your system because there's some
vital info in the Knowledge Base, and you can't access the Knowledge
Base because you can't access the internet because you can't restore
your system, you're kind of stuck. How about, since you don't want to
include any docs with the IDR option package, at least including a note
suggesting people review the relevant IDR KB articles before they need
to use IDR in earnest?