We just aquired Backup Exec Ver 8.5 with the Open File Option
and the Intelligent Data Recovery Option.
The backup function seems to work fine
-we can make Tapes and restore from them,
(a nice change from SBackup.)
We are running a Novell Netware 4.1 server with an
Adaptec 2940UW2 SCSI and mirrored LVD drives.
Problem: The system hangs trying to create boot disks!
When I run: "Load Bedr -b" the system goes s far as
"Gathering SCSI Information..."
(In the Backup Exec Diagnostic Screen)
and there it stays.
I've installed the latest update but it still hangs!
Other info:
NWPA.NLM Ver 2.36
Archive Python SCSI 4gig Tape Drive.
(I would like to give more info but the system just Hung Again.)