I have an Dell 4300 Server with an internal Sony TSL-9000 Autoloader.
Running NT Server 4.0 Build 1381 Service Pack 5. Backup Exec 7.3 Build 2575
w/the Disaster Recovery option installed. I have performed a complete back
up of an workstation with the Agent Accelerator installed on the workstation
and Server. Created the Workstation install IDR Diskettes and Updated the
Diskettes after I completed the Full backup. The diskettes work fine on the
workstation after I formatted the HDD. I logged on to the Server and Started
performing the Restore from the Workstation using the Diskettes. It said
that Scheduling the Restore Job C: and "Waiting for Job to Start" and
"Status is Running" and 3 minutes later "Status is Failed" What's the Deal
with this.....
I've tried this more than 3 time and on the Server end it shows the Jobs as
being failed. Help me please. I'll truly Appreciate the help.