There is a "gotcha" if you try to use IDR to recover a drive whose driver
loads in startup.ncf from a subdirectory other than the one that contains
server.exe. I had to replace the drive containing SYS in my Netserver LM.
The DOS restore went well but the Netware restore failed because a disk
driver had not been loaded. After several frustrating hours I finally
figured out what was going on. Originally my disk driver loaded in
startup.ncf from a C:\HP\...\Drivers subdirectory. Since I knew this
subdirectory no longer existed, I installed the driver in C:\Netware and
modified startup.ncf accordingly, still no go (wonder if IDF doesn't use
startup.ncf?). I'm not sure how I finally got it loaded, I think it was
when I added it to autoexec.ncf but then I tried so many things I'm not
sure. Anyways, all went well after that. Someone with more experience and
knowledge would have probably found the problem and a resolution much
sooner. Still, this is a "gotcha" everyone needs to be aware of. If anyone
knows of something I might have done differently, I sure would appreciate a
note pointing it out.

B. Fluet