I read your original post and it you had a cell in your brain you would
realize that it is telling you that the DOS ASPI manager is not loaded, or
configured incorrectly. Before you start complaining to Veritas, you should
try talking to Adaptec.

I am sure that your threat to boycott Veritas will make them shiver in their
boots. (idiot)


Jay Garcia wrote in message
> Veritas Support SUCKS big time. They don't answer the phone. They don't
> answer email, I've had an outstanding email going UNanswered now for
> over 2 weeks to Sales as well as Tech Support.
> BOYCOTT is in order and I'll do everything in my power to do that. My
> company is the 4th largest Mail Order House in the country and my
> territory is 15 states. You can better believe that VERITAS will NOT be
> in my portfolio of suggested vendors to my customers.
> Jay
> A VERY dissatisfied former user !!!