I am attempting to use IDR, and I am running BackupExec v7.3 on my backup
server which is running NT 4.0 server/Enterprise. all backup jobs are running
well and I can do restores with no problems.

I can create the IDR disks for a given client machine, but when I attempt
to do a recovery of that server IDR dies will attempting to start the recovery
tape job for the server to be recovered I get and error message stating that
the job failed. I checked the backup server's job log and the job actually
initialed but then it dies. I checked the BackupExec
Job log and the error message states "access denied to C$, etc." I know
there are no permission access issues because I backed up the target server
before initiating the recovery process. Then, prior to attempting the recovery
process, I simulated a boot partition failure by completely wiping out the
boot partition. Hence, the IDR process reformatted the target partition then
attepmted to recover the files, this is when the error occurs. Anyone got
any ideas on this?