Here's one that puzzles me,

KVS documentation says use CNames for SITE and each SERVER. Fine.

And we point the alias back at the FQDN of the real server. Cool.

But what about reverse lookups? We see some very odd authentication problems
(particularly with IE 4 (and don't say "upgrade" -- it's a long story) and
our newer XP locked down IE 6 desktops).

I'm coming round to the opinion (as there is no documentation otherwise)
that you have to let DDNS do it's thing and automtically control the PTR
records (it will register the FQDN of the server by default) rather than
trying to be clever and force a PTR for the CNames for SERVERS and/or the

But, there are definately reverse lookups in the code and you can't have
a PTR for FQDN, SITE and SERVER 'cos all 3 share the same IP...? I'm totally
sure I fixed an IE problem by mucking baout with these PTRs once that then
got broken when DDNS overwrote it but I can't rememebr what I did or why...

I'd appreciate and feedback if anyone knows more (not my area really)?

It's quite important for us (and this complicates things a tad) because we
use a prefix and suffix we add into the Cnames to allow us to by-pass the
proxy servers (the EV SERVERS don't always get added to the IE Local Intranet
Zone and the PC guys have decided not to let users add their own registry
keys (nice of them) so DesktopSettings looks like a dodo moving forward...)

Anyone got the wider "under the hood" picture on KVS and DNS?