Hi, I hope someone can help me!

I would like to disable the pop-up confirmation that tells you to remove the
tape from drive after an eject (manual or automated) action. I'm running
Backup Exec 8.6 (with upgrades) on Windows 2000 Server, with a Sony AIT3
internal SCSI tape drive.

Is this a driver problem from the AIT3 drive, because our previous AIT1
drive (also internal SCSI, although on a older SCSI PCI card) did not ask
for these confirmations. These messages causes problems (all following
backup jobs gets queued until you respond with OK) when I'm not available
(e.g. when on leave etc.) to log in (other users can not log on to this
server - security!!), although a colleague did swap the backup tapes. Is
there anyone who knows how to disable these messages if at all possible?