I have written a batch file to shut down my domino server and then backup
the data in Lotus Directory, after the backup is finished, then the tape
be ejected and then start up the domino server again.
My problem is, ntbackup always lock one of the file
(c:\lotus\domino\data\mail\cherry.nsf) and do not terminate.
I have try to backup data in another directory, in which the following batch

works properly and do not have any error.
Thus I guess it is not the problem of the batch file, then I try to use the

ntbackup program directly to backup the problem file
(c:\lotus\domino\data\mail\cherry.nsf), the server is hang up while backing

up the file.
Do any one have any idea?? How can I fix this problem.
Thanks a lot. : )

Here is the batch file:
net stop "Lotus Domino Server (LotusDominoData1)"
sleep 120
echo off
start /wait C:\WINNT\system32\NTBACKUP.EXE backup "@C:\Documents and

Settings\carrie_admin\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows

NT\NTBackup\data\DailyBackup.bks" /n "FRI-A" /d "FRI-A" /v:no /r:no /rs:no

/hcn /l:s /m normal /j "FRIJobA" /t "FRI-A"
rsm eject /pf"FRI-A - 1" /astart
net start "Lotus Domino Server (LotusDominoData1)"