I'm fairly certain this may not be the right newsgroup but I'm trying to
figure out the source of this driver ssrtln.sys. It looks like a Veritas
driver but I haven't seen any reference to it in Veritas support site or
google. Can someone help me or point me to the correct support site?

The file is called: ssrtln.sys and dated 1/18/2002
File Version:
Description: Shared Driver Component
Copyright: Copyright VERITAS Software, Inc.

I've got an IBM Thinkpad A31p running Windows 2000 Professional SP4. When I
turn driver verifier on, I get a Bugcheck 0xc9. What is this driver used

Anyway, here's the information on the driver.

kd> !lmi ssrtln.sys

Loaded Module Info: [ssrtln.sys]

Module: ssrtln

Base Address: eb3f0000

Image Name: ssrtln.sys

Machine Type: 332 (I386)

Time Stamp: 3c48c5a1 Fri Jan 18 20:02:25 2002

Size: 5980

CheckSum: 87d6

Characteristics: 10e

Debug Data Dirs: Type Size VA Pointer

CODEVIEW 33, 0, 5980 [Debug data not mapped] - Can't validate symbols, if

Image Type: MEMORY - Image read successfully from symbol server.


Symbol Type: EXPORT - PDB not found

Load Report: export symbols