Windows 2000 Small Business Server
Backup Exec 8.6 to tape drive

Firstly, I admit knowing very little about Veritas - I do desktop software
support in a small office helping them out with Word Processing, basic

The office staff mentioned the backup tape was being ejected through the
day - the process was that each morning they remove the backup tape and
replace it with the next tape and a daily backup is scheduled for during the

I started backup exec and checked the log and seemed to be saying that
everything was running as scheduled, so I rang the hardware support guy, who
couldn't come, and said to ring the tape maching manufacturer, which I did,
and took it in for a long overdue service.

On return we powered everything down, reconnected the tape drive, powered up
and everything was fine. Put the tape in but in the morning it wasn't
ejected and when I went to check whether the backup was completed I was
asked for a password, which I've never been asked for before. I tried the
Administrator password, but it didn't work - says the machine still hasn't
connected to the service because the password is wrong.

I rang Veritas but we don't have a support contract. I rang the guy who
usually helps but he is away for another 9 days. I don't know what to do. I
have copied the files locally to make sure we don't lose anything but would
appreciate any guidance in the meantime. I know I'm out of my depth but this
is a small business and the one off fee for Veritas is VERY high.

Hope someone can help.