i took over network admin duties recently and one of my jobs is to fix our
tape backup system. my familiarity with veritas is limited so bear with me.

according to the removable storage snap in only tapes 2-13 are showing up.
i should be seeing 1-14 since the 15th tape was bad and removed. hopefully
and inventory will take care of that. if not, what do i need to do?

next, there is data (critical) on these tapes that i need to have cataloged.
the problem is the media is all unrecognize/unknown. i was able to save the
catalog files so some of the restore selections are available, but of course
it doesn't know that any tapes exist. how can i label/inventory/catalog
these tapes so i can access the data on them?

if there is anything else i'm missing please let me know. i'd like to
finish this job and learn.