I'm happily using BE Desktop 4.61 on a single WinME desktop (except for the
4 Gb file size limit but that's WinME's FAT32 fault, not BE's fault).

Anyway, I have some old hand-written notes on a printed copy of the BE 4.61
instructions regarding the WinME files needed for creating a Minimum Backup
Set for disaster recovery.

Besides the files and folders listed by BE 4.61's Help section for creating
a Minimal Backup set for disaster recovery, my hand written notes indicate I
should also include the C:Windows\System32, C:\Windows\Inf, and
C:\Windows\Command folders?

I have no recollection why I wrote those notes .... are these three
additional folders really necessary? Fortunately I have never yet had to
use a Minimum Backup Set to speed up recovery from a disaster (knock,

If they are not necessary, I can then conveniently fit a Minimum Backup Set
on a single ZIP 250 .... otherwise, I have to use a CD with my Plextor
burner (which also burns the Minimum Backup Set okay).

Mucho thanks for any help or advice!

Ps. Are spanned Tape, CD-R or DVD-R Backup Sets also limited to a net total
of 4 Gb of compressed data, or can they be spanned beyond the 4 Gb file size
limit which I run up against on my second HD when backing up to *.qic files?