Trying to restore a tape backed up on another computer. Both computers running
W2K and Backup Exec Desktop 4.5.

Click Device View , Refresh, it shows the backup sets, I select the one I
need, it says creating temporary catalog and the first file is displayed
in the processing box. there should be about 30 files (30mb total) but the
first filename is the only to display.

When it returns to the main screen there is a desktop icon in the left pane.
under that is a box with a + sign and my computer icon.

Everything looks fine up to here, but the my computer icon will not open
up to show drives and files so there is no way to select anything to restore.

Am I doing something wrong? Do I need a software or hardware patch or upgrade?

Using Travan NS20, my machine has a seagate scsi stt20000n tape drive, not
sure what tape drive is in the other machine.