Are there any solutions or hints as how to fix this

I a started to get the media controller not responding
corectly Ref 07-0B-2-01-0002 error after restoring
my system after a SCSI disk failure. In the process
I upgraded my SCSI controller from an Adaptec 2940UW
to an Adaptec 29160 since going for another SE drive
on the used market seemed the wrong way to go. The
tape backup is a Sony SDT-9000. The weird thing is
that I was able to do an emergency DOS based restore,
and also the Sony Tape utility finds no problem when
it tests the tape drive. In addition, the Adaptec
utility worked fine for creating a tape backup. I
never saw this problem on the 2940UW either.

I figure the problem must have something to do with
the Backup Exec SW not handling the 29160 controller
properly or faster timing of disk transfers properly.
This is unfortunately under Win95b. I got
the failures with the original BE 3.0a, and after upgrading
to 3.1.1a, and will now try the 4.2.1 upgrade. I
figure this will make no difference since others have
posted the same problem with 4.2.1a. After reading some
documentation (Adaptec) suggesting that problems with
tape drives might be resolved by setting the "initate disconnect"
option to NO for the tape drive in the controller, I tried
that - but it made no difference.

Any advice would be appreciated! BTW, where the devil
is documentation for these error codes anyways? The
SDT-9000 firmware is not soft-upgradable, but I suspect
the problem is not in the SDT-9000 media controller anyways.