Dear Backup Users,

The following email sent to Veritas came back to me as undeliverable. Could
anyone please provide answers to the questions I wrote?
Message to: Donna Ortkiese of Veritas Support (

Dear Donna,

This is in answer to your company's acknowledgement to send an evaluation
copy of Backup Exec Desktop. I appreciate your company's ethical behavior
in allowing the customer to evaluate the software prior to purchase. In
the software industry today that is uncommon behavior, though those that
do not practice it are within the current "law" in that regard. So I would
not be writing this message if this was any other product, save that of
I returned a competing product because it did not perform as advertised.
The software company did behave ethically by agreeing to a refund, though
their distributor declined.

I contacted your Technical Support Department regarding my concerns about
aspects of your software when used for data backup purposes. This usage
differs from consumers that merely want to record music, images and the like
because of the extended sub-directory requirements and long filenames. The
non-disclosure of these deficiencies are what prompted me to return the

What I need, in terms of a response from you, or anyone in your firm that
you forward this message to, is an acknowledgement that your software can,
in fact, do the tasks of backup of subdirectories beyond 7 deep, and long
filenames greater than 64 characters. This software is to be used to backup
CAD files in our Engineering Department.

Additionally I need to know if support for this product is to be offered
through Stomp, Inc., or through Veritas. And I need to have certified that
there is going to be a continued commitment to support of this product for
the foreseeable future. In that regard I need to know what is the
between Veritas and Stomp, Inc. Is the technical excellence of Veritas's
networking backup products going to continue to be provided within the
Inc. Backup MyPC software?

Thanks in advance for responding.

Best regards,

Wallace G. Diehl