Hi I am using version 4.61 on winxp. I run an incremental backup every night
on both tape & cd/r. My problem is that the log says that everything is backed
up ok, but if I try to do a restore, the directories are there but the files
aren't. Also if I look on my CD through explorer there is only one .qic file
dated from my first backup, although my log says backup was done.
Also on my tape drive when selecting my own files on what to back up, I noticed
some files are being backud up & some aren't. And they are not in my exclude
list, nor in the windows registry.
I am feeling really unsafe using this product right now, since my logs says
everything is ok, but some or all files are not there. I know winXP is not
supported with this version, but others are saying it is working great.
Thanks in advance