I have 3 questions about the product,

=First is a little problem:

I used an autoloader with 7 20/40 Go tape.
I have 36 go to save.
The problem is that after the backup (which is OK), the job is "waiting"
I can right click and disabled "job waiting" and it restarts itself for
another backup !! ? strange.

=Second, I have created a pool of tapes with one tape for one day
Like backup-monday with tape-monday
backup-tuesday with tape-tuesday ...

And there is a job for each day and a pool for each day too.

the problem is that every morning when the backup is finished, i can see
that BE 8.5 is picking a tape in another pool and place it in the DAY-POOL.

For example I have the tape of friday with the tape of monday for the backup
of monday.
It dont pick the tape of monday and write on friday (36Go).

How to do so as to solve this problem ?


If my backup server failed ..... and I reinstall a new BE 8.5 on another OS,
could I restore a tape even if I dont have the catalog of the backup ?

Thanks for responding to my questions.