I'm trying to backup changed data (archive bit on) on my
Windows 2000PRO desktop and restore those files to my laptop
running Windows 98 to keep the two in sync for when I travel
with the laptop. Looking at the backup log shows the backup step
saved everything in the full filename format, and looking at the
.qic file on restore also seems to have everything in the full name format.
However, when restored to the Win 98 laptop, all the files with
names longer then the old 8.3 format are truncated to 8.3, creating
new files in many cases.

Example, on the WIN 2000PRO system, I backup files
I restore to the WIN 98 laptop, they are restored as SPREAD~1.123
and SPREAD~2.123. Of course the existing versions of the original
backlevel files aren't written over either.

I haven't seen this problem listed, am I the only one trying to
backup on WIN 2000PRO and restore to WIN98, or am I doing something
wrong that causes the truncation between releases.

Backing up the WIN98 files and restoring to the WIN2000PRO system works OK
with the
full filenames correctly backed up and restored.