Okay I fixed it, For those interested parties, I removed BE 4.5 and then
cleaned up BE installs using Veritas tech document 182783, "How to perform
and effective uninstall and reinstall of Backup Exec 4.2 with Windows 9x"
I followed just the uninstall portion.

I then reinstalled BE 3.0a (the only full install version I had. Tested it,
worked fine. Installed the 4.2 upgrade, tested it , worked fine. Then I
installed the 4.5 pro upgrade and now it works great.
Now If I can only found out how to set the default compression to

"Bruce Musgrove" wrote in message
> Everytime BE tried to initialize a tape on my sony SDT-7000 i get the
> following error:
> "The backup device reported and unexpected error. Ref: 05-0E-21-03-0004
> Received this error with BE 4.2x. Could resolve it by putting a new tape
> each time.
> In BE 4.5, cannot resolve it at all. I have tried reloading the Drive
> firmware, cleaning the tape drive, new tapes. The drive is hooked up to a
> Adaptec 2920C SCSI card, 1997 bios, using the Windows ME drivers.
> Can anyone clue me into what this error is?