I am using Backup Exec 4.2 build D99 240B 34A.

I run into problems when the catalog becomes too large (has registered too
many backups) and becomes corrupt.

It then becomes necessary to blow away backup exec, and then reinstall it.
In the process, of course, I lose the catalog. Thereafter, if I want to
restore a file, I have to find it by looking through hundreds of CDs, rather
than using the file view catalog. This has happened more than once.

Evidently, VERITAS does not recommend renaming the catalog folder before it
gets too big.

Anyone with similar problems?? And, better yet, a fix?

So far, the veritas answer has been to back up the catalog independently,
but as swapping it in to the system directory is "not recommended" , that
seems a moot point. Useless.

Anyone familiar with better software that explicitly deals with large
catalogs, allowing you to save early ones and then swap them in later?

Many thanks