I have been using a Philips 2x1x4 (CDD3610) EIDE (slow) with Backup Exec
4.2.1 with no problems. I just purchased an Acer CRW 1832A 10x8x32
ATAPI. The drive is not on the compatibility support list but I suspect
it is because it is so new and has not been tested. I tested it by
doing a differential backup. It worked fine both on CDR and CDRW
media. The new drive will read my old disks with differential backup
sets but not my old full backup sets. Is this normal when changing
drives? Will I have to upgrade to Desktop Pro 4.5 to read and use my
old backups? If I can do a full backup and it verifies all files as
good with no errors, can I assume I have good backups even though the
drive is not shown on Veritas compatibility list.