I would like to know whether or not my particular device is supported by
the VERITAS Backup Exec Desktop v4.5 (CD), W9x/NT/2K/Me software package.
I did not see my device among those listed in Veritas' compatibility lists.

In my search for a backup solution I have found that some popular devices
including mine are not supported by some of the software products I have

It is my understanding that Backup Exec Desktop v4.5 will only span multiple
discs if the device is supported.

As I would like to purchase this software, I need to know if it supports

Toshiba CD-RW/DVD ROM model number SD-R1002 combination drive

By the way the generic list of device types supported didn't mention whether
or not Backup Exec supports HD drives. Tape devices, Zips, Jaz, and even
floppies but no mention of HD drives.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in helping me make this decision.