Will there be a low/no cost upgrade of Desktop Exec 4.4.x users to 4.5 ?

I recently bought (and registered) 4.4.1, which seems to run fine on W2K.
It doesn't run/install at all on W98, which I also have running on the
same machine. Only version 4.2.1 runs on non-W2K systems. Only 4.2.1
supports my Plextor CD-RW.

I asked for a low-cost 4.2.1 disk, and I was sold a $10 upgrade version
that won't install, because it doesn't see a recent earlier version of
backup exec on the system. :=(

What I'd like is a full non-upgrade install version of backup exec 4.5
that I can install on both W2K and W98. Is there anyone I can contact
about this, without having to buy a 3rd copy of the product ?


Bob Elkind, eteam@aracnet.com