Well 4.5 is finally here. Useless for me and my clients, though. Sony SDT
4000, SDT 5000 and SDT 5200 drives are not supported. OnStream drives
aren't even listed as not supported. I expect the highly selective list of
drives that are supported won't please many folks. While OnStream drives
are a little peculiar to support, they are certainly good on price-point and
really fast for the price. But, I can't imagine there is any good reason
for not supporting the Sony drives. They are really straight forward DDS

I can't tell my clients to go out and spend $600 on a new tape drive just to
save a couple hundred on the upgrade price (which isn't posted yet) to stay
with their current software. Nor am I going to do it.

Regarding OnStream, we were told last winter the drives were supported.
Then in March we were told that Veritas was testing an in-house patch to fix
a problem and that the patch would be available "soon". Next we were told
in June that OnStream drives would be supported in 4.5. Well, 4.5 is here,
OnStream isn't even listed. How can I trust Veritas in the future?

Unless Veritas' support for drives improves real fast, I'm out of here along
with my clients, both current an future. I'll use Dantz or UltraBac. They
support everything and don't lie to me when I ask them for support. I've
got two clients waiting to upgrade right now. They'll be getting

....James H. Hansen
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