I have major problems with this combination. Here is my story:

I had clustered lotus domino server on mscs. We decided to install
VM because we wanted to work with two disk arrays. My lotus domino was
on shared disk. So I stoped all resources related to lotus, removed disk
from cluster, converted it to dynamic disk and put it back to cluster
and started all resources. All went fine. After that I added second disk
from other array and made RAID1 from these two disks. Mirror
synchronized without any problems. After that I tried to move my
clustered lotus before nodes. I made first move to other node. Lotus
started without any problems there. After that I tried to move Lotus
back. And ****... When Lotus tried to start on this node I saw dozens
messages about corrupted file system and corrupted files So can anyone
help me with this problem. Is Veritas compatible with lotus? When there
was no Veritas on my system I can move Lotus between nodes without any
problems and there was no notices about corrupted files. Additional
notices: when we tried to switch off transactional loging in Lotus or
remove RAID 1 in Veritas all problems just dissapeared. Help me guys, I
simply affraid to use Veritas on my system for now My system runs on
W2k advanced servers with Sp2.