We have a problem with IBM FAStT500 storage server, IBM RDAC driver and
Veritas Volume Manager. The situation is, that we are participating in one
big project and have installed MS Geo-Cluster with two FAStT500 storage
servers for storage system mirroring (using Veritas Volume Manager v3.1).
The problem is, that after LUNs change their preffered path (after FC
controller, FC switch or FC path failure), VVM can't track these changes and
hangs the system (VVM does not recognize the new WWN of the LUN - VVM sees,
that old LUN has dissapeared and the "new" one has appeared - mirror set
crashes and system hangs). VVM loses "Quorum" disk every time when the FC
path has changed, and the situation with other disks is quite similar -
frequent loses of the path to the disks.
IBM FAStT RDAC is used as multipath driver, because VVM DMP is not supported
on IBM FAStT storage servers. So, is such behaviour quite normal occurrence,
because VVM without DMP can't track FC path changes to the disks, or VVM can
use IBM RDAC driver for tracking FC paths changes and such behaviour is
unnormal ? If 2nd variant is correct, why does system not work properly and
where can I find a fix for this situation ?
Any commnets and advices are welcome .
Another question - maybe do you have information about FAStT certification
for VVM DMP ? Of course, if you have some info from this sphere.


Danas Kazlauskas
IGS Lithuania