I was curious when using Volume Manager; my Primary drive C (Dynamic
Simple Volume - NTFS): was partitioned into two separate partitions. I want
to add my drive D (same physical HD, just a separate partition) to my drive
C. IE: Combine the entire drive back together. I am under the impression
your software can do this without the need for me to Fdisk the drive (which
would be really bad).
Any solution would be acceptable that allows me to add more capacity to
my C: drive. I have multiple HD's installed on the server (Win 2k ADV
server). I would ideally prefer to have C and D recombined into one C drive
Also, when I attempt to 'extend' the volume of drive C. I do not get the
'custom' option, just the 'express' option. Under the express option, I do
not have any options of integrating another HD or partition.

I could truly use some assistance with this,

Thank you in advance,