I just prepared some steps to replace a mirrored disk which is under
veritas control without using the vxdiskadm menu based command.I want
some one to advise whether the below steps are correct as i am not sure
whether it leaves state information about the disks stale in the vxvm
config database if i proceed like this .

In this scenario disk to be replaced is rootmirror(VM disk)

1.vxprint -ht | grep rootmirror

Disassociate and then remove all of the operating system plexes on the
mirror device "rootmirror":

2.vxplex -g rootdg -o rm dis home-02 opt-02 rootvol-02 swapvol-02

After removing all plexes remove the disk from veritas control :

3.vxdg -g rootdg rmdisk rootmirror

After the engg replaces the disk, issue this :

4. vxdctl enable

5./usr/lib/vxvm/bin/vxdisksetup -i c2t8d0 (Initialize the new disk)

6.vxdg -g rootdg adddisk rootmirror=c1t1d0 ( Put the disk under the VX

7./etc/vx/bin/vxrootmir rootmirror

8.vxassist mirror home rootmirror - done
vxassist mirror opt rootmirror - done
vxassist mirror swapvol rootmirror - done
vxassist mirror var rootmirror

9.vxprint -ht

Your comments are really appreciated.

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