Hi All --

Our setup:

OS= Solaris 9
Veritas VM = 4.1 MP1 (PointPatch2.6)
$ pkginfo -x CLR-APM
CLR-APM CLR-APM Array Policy Module
(sparc) 1.1,REV=08.24.2004.01.32

$ pkginfo -x DGC-Clar
DGC-Clar Array Support Librarry for EMC CLARiiON
(sparc) 3.0,REV=01.05.2005.14.43

Storage Array:
EMC CX-500

Failover Software:
Veritas DMP

Failover Mode on CX500 is set to "1"

/var/adm/messages file....

Aug 15 22:13:57 ukswms01 offline
Aug 15 22:13:57 ukswms01 scsi: [ID 107833 kern.warning] WARNING:
/pci@8,600000/SUNW,qlc@2/fp@0,0/ssd@w5006016930229dfa,1 (ssd24):

Ever since we got all this configured, tons of messages the aboove are clogging
the "/var/adm/messages" file. EMC says this is normal and known issue but
there is no fix for it. It's hard to believe that they haven't come up for
a fix yet. Anyone on this list has come across this situation and figured
out the work around?

Side Notes:

-- These messages are appearing in the /var/adm/messages file every 15 minutes
the system is up and running.
-- These messages seemed to be bogus because they are not affecting any production

volumes but yet they are annoying.
-- It's very hard to work on the console because of these "warning" messages.
-- All the devices are "data" devices. Each LUN is 35GB in size. They are
Gatekeepers, BCVs type LUNs.
-- They started appearing because of VRTSvxvm 4.1 and the bit settings on
the CX-500
for the HBA failover mode to "1". From VRTSvxvm ver 4.1 (and onwards)
it is required
to have bit settings set to "1" as opposed to "2" for prior releases -
on the CX-500 storage unit.

Please advice.