I have two identical Solaris boxes, one production connected to the production
DMX800 and one DR connected to the DR DMX800. The HBA's are Emulex LP10000-E's.

On the DR box I have installed PowerPath after DMP and the vxdisk list displays
the emcpower devices (as expected since DMP v4.1).

However, on the production box the vxdisk list shows one of the ctd device
paths and not the emcpower devices.

/etc/system, /etc/sd.conf and /etc/lpfc.conf are identical across both boxes
(except for the binding info in lpfc.conf).

I omitted a line in the sd.conf (in error) on the production box. When I
corrected this and rebooted, the missing lun displayed as a emcpower device
from vxdisk list output. The other 27 luns still displayed as ctd devices.

I have tried the following to try and fix this problem:
Put a blank sd.conf in place, reboot, put the original sd.conf in place reboot.

Delete the devices /dev/dsk/, /dev/rsdk, /dev/vx/dmp, /dev/vx/rdmp, then
Uninstall PP, reboot, install PP, reboot.
When powerpath isn't installed vxdisk list displays the devices down the
c4, after Powerpath it shows them down the c7 path.

Other peculiar behaviour is that when PowerPath is uninstalled and reinstalled
another entry for each device is shown in the output from vxdisk list and
when I run vxdmpadm getdmpnode enclosure EMC0 another entry for each ctd
is added and showing.

I have removed Veritas and reinstalled and still the same problem.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.