VERITAS 3.5 Update 3 Patch Upgrade for VERITAS Database Edition™ for Oracle
on HP-UX 11.11 was applied on Sunday an we started picking up the problem
where the checkpoint processes, as well as the mount processes hang. VERITAS
later noticed that we did not have the following patch,PHKL_31162, installed.

The following was the comments for the VERITAS support team :I Quote: " I
just read the additional notes for 3.5U3 and it is quite clear about the
system patches that they should be installed before the Veritas patches.
PHKL_31162 needs to be installed prior to installing Volume Manager/Volume

Replicator 3.5 Update 3 patches. Without this patch, PHKL_30756, PHCO_30850
and PHCO_31203 will be skipped.
So I would defiantly advise you to remove U3 patches before installing the
system patches and then re-applying the U3 patches." End Quote.

VxFS currently holding the Disk Groups (DGs) of the databases and we cannot
release the DGs. We cannot mount them or release them for VxFS control.
Is there a way that we release DGs so that we can retrieve the data after
we’ve rolled back the patch? We are running Oracle 9i.