I'm running vxvm 3.5

I've got all of my volumes setup with a plex that goes to a locally attached
array and a second plex that goes to an array that is 30 miles away.

I would like to know what I need to do procedurally if I my current data
center is a smoking hole in the ground.

Assuming I setup a new host with vxvm 3.5 and attach it to the remote array
and see all the disks that made up the second plex can I just do a vxdg import
-Cf and be done or is there more to it than that. Essentially I will be
missing about 1/2 my disks (that made up the first plex) and I am not sure
if there are config copies on the disks that make up the second plex. Assuming
there are config copies on the remote disks am I good to go? Thanks in advance
for your input.