i meet the following problems and i have no idea:
2 servers are connected to a T3 array and sharing disks and application with
Veritas Cluster 2.0
the server are Sun Netra T1405

we have desencapsulate the root disk from one node and now we can't encapsulate
this rootdisk anymore.

i do the following action :

vxiod set 10
modload /kernel/drv/sparcv9/vxdmp
vxconfigd -m disable -k
vxdctl init
vxdg init rootdg
/usr/lib/vxvm/bin/vxencap rootdisk=c0t0d0
rm /etc/vx/reconfig.d/state.d/*
touch /etc/vx/reconfig.d/state.d/reconfig

but vxconfigd return these error:
vxconfigd -m disable -k
vxvm:vxconfigd: ERROR: Cannot reset VxVM kernel: A virtual disk device is

this other action return the same error:
# vxdctl stop
# rm -rm /var/vxvm/tmpdb
# vxconfigd -x cleartempdir

I'm lost
do you have any procedure to fix my problem ?

do i have to do other action because of VCS ?
May i stop the other node ?

thanks for help