I have a Sun Enterprise 420R that has a failed primary boot disk(dm
rootdisk). This disk is mirrored with a secondary boot disk(dm
rootmirror). The failed disk is an internal disk and is hot-swappable.

To replace the failed primary boot disk, are the steps below correct?

1. Remove the failed disk from Volume Manager via vxdiskadm option 4.
2. Physically replace the failed disk with a new disk.
3. Label the new disk.
4. Replace the failed disk in Volume Manager with the new disk via
vxdiskadm option 5.

I've replaced disks before(using the steps above), but never a boot
disk. Boot disks have a boot block and have their original partitions
preserved. I'm not exactly sure if they are a special case and need to
be handled differently. My concern is, if I used the steps above,
whether the new disk will be bootable and will I continue to have the
ability to "split" it off from the mirror.