I'm going to move some A5200 arrays from Server A to Server B. The volumes
are configured having several "data" volumes in the group, rootdg. I need
to move these volumes to "datadg", so that I can deport them, and import
them into Server B. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate

Server A is running Veritas Foundation 3.2 and Solaris 8
Server B is running Veritas Foundation 3.5 and Solaris 8

To elaborate further, I need all the disks and volumes in the A5200's to
live inside datadg. Currently, 4 of the disks and about 10 of the volumes
live inside rootdg.

I plan to unmirror root (which uses Solstice DiskSuite). This will leave
one disk free. I can give this disk to volume manager / rootdg.

At this time I think I will be able to move the 4 disks and 10 volumes to
datadg, then deport them, then connect the A5200's to the new server (Server
B), and import the volumes.

Note that in this situation I will need to encapsulate the root disks on
the new Server (B), which will live in rootdg. From there I will power down
the server, connect the A5200's, power up, and import the volumes. Easy,

Man, I hope so.
Thanks for the help,