Hi all

I have a question regarding the upgrade of the Veritas Volume Manager
in a Sun 2.2 Cluster

2 SUN Enterprise E3500
Disk Array A5000
Sun Solaris 7 with Veritas Volume Manager 3.0.4,REV=04.18.2000.10.00
The 2 nodes build a Sun Cluster 2.2,REV=1999.
The cluster is used by a library application with Oracle 8.1.7 as the
underlying database.
The application is running on one node. The second machine is used
as test environment.

The next version of the application needs Solaris 9 with Oracle 9i or

We decided to reduce the cluster to one node (I know that this can
hardly be called a cluster anymore) and to make a fresh install of
Solaris 9 on the second machine.

We would like to be able to use our disk groups on both nodes. So my
question is: which version of Veritas Volume Manager should we install
to make that possible ?

With best regards

Martin Pammer
VRZ Informatik
Dornbirn (Austria)
mpammer at xxx.vrz.net
(remove xxx.)